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God Is Good

Focus Psalms 107:1-2 - KJV

1. O give thanks unto the LORD, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever. 2. Let the redeemed of the LORD say so, whom he hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy;

Psalms 100:5

Goodness has to do with that which is morally right. So, when we say someone is good, it puts the fact in our glare that the person is upright and never engaged in evil or immorality. When we seek to determine if a person is good, we look to the person’s deeds and antecedents. God is the Supreme Being, the Almighty, and He is only one being. Hence, when people attribute the deeds of deities to God, they are not correct. We ought not to judge the goodness of God on the actions of some deities who are not equitable, with God. How then do we determine that the Almighty is good?

First, God is full of mercies. If not for His mercies, many would have been exterminated by the wicked one whose preoccupation is just to steal, kill and destroy. Aside this, the enemy had deceived man into choosing death instead of life; yet this good God redeemed man from death, to life. As if that is not enough, despite laying down His life for the redemption of man, He keeps helping the man out of his despair whenever he strays, bringing him back to peace and wellness. When Jonah decided to get away from the Lord’s assignment, the same Lord gave instruction to the fish that gulped him to deliver him to the shore, in one piece. That is how the good God is. Some others would have said it was good for him and allow him rot in the belly of the fish. Not God. And every time the enemy lays siege against those who trust God, He rescues them and gives them all that they never even bargained for. Recall the case of the three Hebrew men in the fiery furnace? That is how the good God is. He puts Himself in our situation, to rescue us.

Whatever the weight the enemy has placed on our shoulders, the good God is available to give us relief from it, if we will call on Him. In His goodness, God gives us free air to breath, body flow to keep us healthy, provision to keep us fed, liftings to take us from low states, covering to repel the attacks of the enemy, and above all, an inheritance in Himself through the Lord Jesus Christ. With this, the good God adopts us into His family and as believers, we become automatic royalties of heaven. This goodness is available unto all those who love and trust the good God. Do you?

SOLUTION: Loving and trusting God are essential ingredients to enjoying the goodness of God. Those who do not, are not able to explain the height of the beauty of His goodness. Believe Him by His word, love Him for who He is, and whatever He asks you to do, please do.

Please pray thus: My Father and my God I acknowledge your goodness and your wonderful works over my life and family; as I submit myself wholly unto you, I pray that you please unleash your goodness upon my life, family, community and business in the name of Jesus. Let the world marvel at your goodness upon my life and glorify your name for it, in Jesus’ name.

Kindly share with others if you have been blessed by this Guide. God bless you as you do so, in Jesus' name.

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