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God My Strength

Focus: Habakkuk 3:19 - KJV

19. The LORD God is my strength, and he will make my feet like hinds' feet, and he will make me to walk upon mine high places. To the chief singer on my stringed instruments.

Deuteronomy 32:1-14

Those who rely on the Almighty, have the most powerful being strengthening them, for there is none as powerful as He is. Moses sang and says because the Almighty is his strength, He will make his feet like hinds’ feet. The Hinds are the female deer who are able to put their rear feet where the front ones had stepped with precision. This presupposes that if the Lord be your strength, you are not likely to miss your steps in the events of life and such precision takes you to the very top. Moses could not have expressed it better when, with a couple of slaves without arms, he survived the assailing of the most powerful army in the world at the time. It could only have been by the presence of the Most-High that Israel got freed from Egyptian bondage.

Looking to other beings for strength is a bloody waste of time, for the arms of flesh fails and no one decrees a thing and it comes to pass except the Lord says so. This is why many people are stranded and without achieving purpose: their reliance is placed in the wrong people and places. Goliath depended on the non-existent gods of the Philistines while David made the living God his strength. The difference created an effect: Goliath lost his head while David stood valiantly over the carcass of the foe. The things of the spirit are not rocket science. They are things propelled by faith. Keeping faith in the living God who, though invincible, exists, is the way to strength in Him. That which we see is temporal and those things made of hands cannot be relied on, as against the power of the unseen God.

Beloved, learn today to stick with God for strength no matter what you are confronted with. If the might of Goliath had struck David, he would have doubted the prowess of his God. Let not the size of the problem shake your faith in God. He has a solution for every problem you are facing. Yes, it may seem daunting just like the posture of Goliath was. Imagine a whole Israeli army cringing at the voice of one man, despite all their experience at war. Joshua would have been a failure in the face of Jordan and Jericho if he had not been told to be bold and of good courage. Today, the Lord is saying the same to you. He who is your strength would make your feet like hinds’ feet and take you to the very top of your career to walk on. Just have faith in Him.

SOLUTION: Without faith we cannot please God. Be confident that God is not a failure and whatever He promised to do, He will surely do. Take your focus from the might of the opposition and put it on the Almightiness of your God.

Please pray in this manner: Lord, I look up to you as you are my strength and my salvation. Please, take me from my present state to the height I never thought of in life in Jesus’ name. Kindly put all my adversaries in disarray that I may have rest on all sides in Jesus’ name. Let your power be my strength in all my endeavor in Jesus’ name.

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