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God will deliver you.

Memorize: Psalms 97:10

Ye that love the LORD, hate evil: he preserveth the souls of his saints; he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked.

Read: 2 Kings 6:12-23

It is a great thing to love righteousness; but the Lord expects that in our love of righteousness, we are to hate iniquity/wickedness. This is one of the attributes of Christ that got Him greater anointing than His fellows. If we are to be like Him, we are to emulate this virtue. Hating iniquity is not just by abstaining from doing it but by loathing it in all its appearance or form. If I claim I hate immorality and applaud those who engage in it, then I am in no way better than they. Scriptures condemn those who do so (Romans 1:32).

If you can love God by not just abstaining from evil but by loathing it in its entirety, then will the Lord preserve your soul and deliver you from the wicked that seek to harm you. A king sought to destroy Elisha for his righteous indignations. But the God of Elisha will never deliver him to the mercy of the enemy. That same God is the one beckoning on us with all assurance of deliverance and safety even now. Those who seek to deal with you are not as mighty as the Lord our God. Greater than He did for Elisha and the people of old, He is willing to do for you. He cherishes your person and wants to prove to the world much more even now, through you if you will allow Him.

However, His eyes will not behold iniquity. You cannot be approving evil as if it is nice and good and expect the Lord to be on your case. There is no romance between light and darkness. For God to arise for you in that state is to give tacit approval to your doings. Yet God will not deny Himself. He is no respecter of persons but of the truth, His principles and judgment.

For you therefore to be a candidate of His deliverance, you must, like Christ, hate iniquity. When you do so, anytime the enemy comes against you, call the Lord to reckoning and for your sake, His Spirit will raise a standard against the enemy. Don’t let the torture continue. Return to God. He will deliver you.


Father, help me to completely detest iniquity so that I may remain a candidate of your deliverance always in Jesus name.

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