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Nothing Too Big To Give

Focus: Romans 8:32 - KJV

32. He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?

Romans 8:31-39

The Christian race is a peculiar one for those who are truly Christ-like. Jesus Christ, for them, is their forerunner. Meaning, He has gone ahead as example of who and what they should be. In the first place, Christ is a very special gift from God to take us out of bondage, and bring us to the pride of place, in Kingdom affairs. God that freely gave His priced Son without looking back, withholds nothing from us because of the same love by which He gave His only begotten Son. This presupposes that the regenerated man has God within his reach to demand quality materials and receive, without fail.

On the flip side however, since we are ransomed to be like the one through whom we gained ransom, God is releasing also, the regenerated Christian to the world to continue to bear the torch which Christ bore that gave light to the world, so that through us, those who are yet to get ransomed, can come into the light. With that, many more can have access to the throne of grace and ask things with boldness from the Lord. When we fail to do this, which Christ has successfully shown us, then He condemns us saying, when I was hungry you failed to feed me. May such voice never come our ways in Jesus’ name.

If therefore, we have gained so much largesse by that which Christ did, we ought also to lay down our lives for our friends, in a manner of speaking, for there is no greater love than that. When we do so, then we reciprocate the love of Christ and abide in it. The most potent way to receive from God every request we make of Him freely, is to be givers ourselves. What is better to give to God than ourselves, if we want Him to continue to give us His best? If we want to be like God truly, let us from today imbibe the culture of selfless giving, just like He gave us Christ, selflessly. Happy New Month!!!

SOLUTION: Those grounds that the Lord wants us to cover and we are running from, are impeding our requests. Nothing should separate us from the love of Christ. Let us, with faith, step out for Christ to win those that have been deceived into becoming anti-Christ.

Please, pray in this manner: My father and my God, I want to be just like you. Please grant me the boldness to give my entirety for your course, from today, in Jesus’ name. Take away fear from my heart that I may be bold to evangelize in crucial places in Jesus’ name. By this, let my shining be seen brightly all over the world, in Jesus’ name.

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