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Our God is alive

Text: Psalms 18:46

The Lord liveth; and blessed be my rock;

and let the God of my salvation be exalted.

Bible Reading:

1Kings 18:17-40


There is the need for everyone to know that whom he believes in. Some place reliance in things that do not have life and therefore lacks capacity to affect their lives and living in any positive manner. They are losers and the architects of their own doom. In our Bible reading is the story of the context on Mount Carmel between one that believed in a living God and a nation that pursued fake things which they ascribed a nomenclature unto in their wild imagination. They suffered famine for over three years in that no rain was sent on the portion of the earth they occupied and their strange god could do nothing to aid them. Until in the contest they discovered that theirs was no god and that Jehovah is the living God, they did not receive salvation from draught and their sufferings. Have you considered taking your heart away from every other thing you consider as god that had not been able to aid you and turn it to the only living God who can save you from all situations? Exalt the Lord from hence and you will never regret it. He is beckoning on you and asking why must you continue to suffer in deceit? Stop putting reliance on things that do not glorify. Run to Jesus today for He is your Way to salvation and eternal life. He promises to give you life and life more abundantly. Run to Him and stick with Him. You are blessed from hence. Shalom.

Prayer Guide:

Lord, I seek to stick with you. Help me to know you and to retain you as my God in the name of Jesus Christ.

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