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Pray against evil tongue

Focus: Psalms 12:1 - KJV

1. Help, LORD; for the godly man ceaseth; for the faithful fail from among the children of men.

Psalms 12:1-4

There is a prescription given to the body of Christ by Christ Himself towards resolution of hurts. It is that when you find offense from your brother, you call him and tell him how he had hurt you and soon he is likely to apologize for which you win your brother back. Unfortunately, many to whom this is prescribed do not care to act in it. They prefer to listen to the broadcast from evil tongues to form a perception about their brother which leads them to hurt the unoffending brother for nothing. What they fail to realize is that most of those who speak ill of their brothers do so in search of favor. They run down the brother who appears to be in favor while he is absent so that he may be taken out of favor. The other side of that is, while they are telling their tales, they are keenly flattering the one to whom they are making the tales, lifting him above who he is ordinarily and it makes his head swell beyond normal. Unfortunately, everywhere this manner of actions are allowed to thrive, the devil builds a castle in. He makes brothers to be suspicious of one another and starts to put forth things that appear factual but would have been cleared if the therapy of Christ is employed.

At times, when the evil speakers act, it has precision albeit being a lie in the end. For instance, it is possible for a person to say something in protecting a brother from having evil tongues waggle; but when the thing is reported, it is made to appear to have been said with evil intent. The antidote to the evil tongue is to pray against it that it may not prosper in its enterprise. The tongue of Ahithophel was that of a counselor whose counsel was always apt. Unfortunately, he turned against the anointed of God to use his tongue to promote evil and thereby flattering Absalom. All David needed to do was pray that his counsel be turned to foolishness. There are many today like Ahithophel. Worse still, there are many with tales to cause disaffection among brethren. If only we can pray against such tongues and condemn them, then are we free from the effect of their evil drives.

SOLUTION: Desist from believing every tale that is brought your way about your loved ones. Take time to call the victim and run things by him. If he becomes adamant, pray for him that the Lord may open his eyes of understanding. Never act on the report of tale bearers on its face value: it only takes Love (God) away from your heart towards your beloved.

By the power in the name of Jesus, every tongue that rises against you in judgment are condemned this day for your sake in Jesus name. Starting hence, such voices will no longer command respect but be turned to mere noise in Jesus name. Not to fall a victim of such condemnation which is scriptural, desist from using your tongue against others in judgment or for evil. God bless you.

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