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Rest Assured

Focus: Romans 4:20 - KJV

20. He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God;


Romans 4:16-25


Getting the blessings of God requires faith. Faith can also be described as believing that the ordinarily unbelievable thing would happen. For instance, it sounds most unbelievable a thing for someone in Ukraine whose territory is lost to the Russian army to stand on a promise that his parcel of land in the said territory is his to repossess; just like it sounded incredible in Samaria at the time of Elisha where there was a hard biting famine to believe that in less than twenty-four hours from the speech of the prophet, there would be surplus in the land. But whatever God speaks is already done. Hence, it is of no use panicking regarding anything that the Lord has spoken about. It was practically improbable for old man Abraham to produce seed when the promise of God hit him about being a father of nations. He never stopped hoping and making effort until the actualization began. Imagine the almost hopeless mama Sarah accepting to ease herself to be had again by old man hubby, Abraham. She already believed it was still possible that which ordinarily seemed impossible and, alas, the unbelievable thing happened.


Think about it: if God has given us a promise and we start to stagger in unbelief, would our staggering bring the promise to performance? And, God forbid, even if the thing fails to come to performance till the end of time, can God be called to question about it? This is why, today, the Lord is opening our hearts to realize that He does not lie and if only we will believe Him for His promises and not stagger in unbelief, it will surely come to pass. Those who stagger in unbelief are like the sea blown about by the wind and cannot expect to receive from God. Truth is, it is an insult to call God a liar. A lie is told in the fear of some danger of retribution. Of whom is the King of kings afraid that will make Him lie to us? What danger can make Him quiver to lie about anything? If we have this understanding, then nothing at all should make us stagger at whatever the promise of God to us is. When we stand firm in faith concerning God’s promise, it is counted unto us as righteousness. Of course, sin is a challenge to God’s authority; that in itself is calling God a liar. When therefore we hold Him true about His promise, we operate in His will and are therefore, seen as righteous having called God who He is: the Truth!


Lord of lords, we trust and appreciate you for your promises. We look to you for the fulfilment of your promises in our lives even at this time. Help us never to stagger in unbelief over your promises no matter how long out it has been, in Jesus’ name. Lord, some promises have reached to the brim in time in some of our minds but we will rather stand on the truth of your promise. Therefore, please bring them to performance in a jiffy dear father, in Jesus’ name. And in all that we do, please count our faith in your word as righteousness for us O Lord, that we may reign together with you in the end in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.


SOLUTION: The promise is for an appointed time, wait for it. Never assume it will fail. Though it seems delayed, do not despair, for God cannot lie. It will surely come to pass. Have faith in God and stop panicking regarding His promise.



If you are blessed by this post, kindly share with your contacts, as well as others, that they may be blessed also. Thank you and may God bless you abundantly as you do so, in Jesus’ name.

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