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The Step Ordering Word

Focus: Psalms 119:133 - KJV

133. Order my steps in thy word: and let not any iniquity have dominion over me.

Psalms 119:105-112

The word of God is true, swift, powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword. It operates at times like a mirror for correctional purposes and a hammer for judgmental purposes. It is indeed a source of light for the simple – those who do not pride themselves beyond who they truly are. The truth is that every man that lives in the flesh is mere dust. Hence, one can imagine what pride has dust in comparison with the King of kings who is immortal and unrivaled. By the word of the Lord, the simple finds direction, solace in trouble and anchor when there is need for support or something to lean on. Those who rely and depend on the word of God find it absolutely pleasurable and good. David is a vivid example. He relied on the word before going to battle. He rested on the word to avoid sinning against God. He responded rightly to the word when found wanting. No wonder he prospered so much in his ways in life. They that rely on the word and dwell in it are primarily separated from iniquity. It is only those who do not countenance the word of God as they should that iniquity dominates.

Dearly beloved, your struggle with iniquity and sin is borne out of lack of reverence for the word. The power in the word operates in such a way that if it dwells in you richly, every bit of the way in life, it is welled up for direction, instruction or reproof. And a wise person yields to the dictates of the word to expunge or suppress iniquity and sin. The current situation of hopelessness, as you view it, can be surmounted if you will yield to the word from now.

SOLUTION: Release yourself to constant study and meditation in the word of God. When it dwells in you, yield to what it says and iniquity will not dominate you again, ever.

Our Father and our God, without you we can do nothing. We lean on you today for support that we may overcome temptation and iniquity. Thank you for destroying sin in our lives. Please help us to make our hearts fertile soil and receptacle for your Word in the name of Jesus. And by your word, make us to ride far above iniquity henceforth in Jesus’ name. The grace and ability to say no in the face of temptation and luring, please give unto us in Jesus’ name.

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