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A man blessed indeed

Key verse: James 1:25

But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed.

Hebrews 8:7&13

Every man living upon planet earth today emanated from the man Noah. Noah was a man who delighted in God and by default, his offsprings had an idea of the existence of the God who spared them with their father when the entire world was wiped off by flood. It follows that everyone that came from these people would also have had an idea of God. The Jews, whom the Lord decided to use as showpiece for the whole world to guide in the understanding of how to relate with God, appear to have a more vivid record of the deeds and faithfulness of God. It will appear that others too have idea of the same God but without a precise concept that is not varied, as religion. Even the Jews’ concept is fraught with tenets that do not depict God properly. They have their beliefs in animal sacrifice, vengeance etc. which God has no joy in. All of these religions can be summed, if you like, into being the old covenant. It does not matter what it is called, let us just assume, like Judaism that they are also of God and since they were not perfect and fraught with variations, they belong in the old.

For the sake of everyone therefore, the God of all, the God whom Noah believed that later entered into covenant with Abraham that translated into Judaism, decided to ransom the whole world from their vagaries by appointing unto us all a Savior in the Lord Jesus Christ who came out of the stalk of the Lord’s showpiece, Israel. This became necessary because the old covenant was with fault. This now, being the new covenant and the perfect law of liberty, is to assist everyone that believes to draw closer to the One God and be grafted into His Family, so that by living in consonance with the life and dictates of Christ who is the proponent and Supreme and Ultimate Sacrifice for the new covenant, we can be blessed indeed.

It does not therefore matter what nation or race you are from, once you believe in the new covenant and embrace it, you can also be blessed indeed. The Ethiopian Eunuch got the opportunity of this blessing and took it. Not because he was Jewish, as he was not, but because the new covenant is a unifying covenant for everyone that will be blessed indeed. It is a covenant to make every believer one family in God and blessed forever.

Pray: Lord I believe: keep me blessed indeed forever in Jesus name.

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