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A New Song

Focus: Psalms 40:3 - KJV

3. And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the LORD.

Exodus 15:1-21

Victory is sweet, particularly when it comes after a long while of experiencing oppression. When it happens, a sensational urge is welled up in the victor for joy and that joy spurs him into singing a different tune from what he may have had to sing while being oppressed. Some will just burst into song using the mouth to hum instrumental renditions and so on. What a sensation it is when God puts a new song in the mouth of someone who had been oppressed hitherto. Israel for instance, had been in bondage for about four hundred and thirty years. When they thought of leaving Egypt to return to the land where their fathers migrated from, the oppressors will not hear any such thing. Their burdens were increased to make them suffer more and cow them from making demands for freedom. God shook Egypt with plagues and they still did not let Israel go. By that time, one can imagine some Israelites would have concluded that Egypt would never release them no matter what. But something happened that changed the narrative: God created a passage for Israel in the belly of the Red Sea. As Israel passed, Egypt pursued them. All of a sudden, the passage was shut while Egypt was still in the belly of the Sea and all of them were buried alive in the full glare of Israel. Israel then looks around and about them and for the first time in donkey years they were free from oppression. Spontaneously, the leader burst into singing. It was a new song. Not sooner than he was done with singing, the sister and other women started also to sing. There is no hiding the joy in victory.

Someone is reading this devotional today, as the year 2021 is running out, God will end all oppression over your life and grant you a new song. The melody of your song will be better than that of Israel in Jesus name. As God told Israel they would see the Egyptians no more, He will make you see your oppression and oppressors no more from this day in Jesus name. Your song can only come and melodiously too if you have the Almighty God as your Ally, fighting beside you or fighting on your side. When the oppression of Hannah ended in the home of Elkanah, she burst into singing as it was difficult for her, who was considered a worthless barren, to understand how easily she started to bear children and she had not just a few. That could only have been God. As God takes your reproach away today, He will cause you to laugh last and laugh best. What an awesome way to round up a great year. Rejoice! By the next sun, you will be singing a new song that will make all your adversaries bow to you in the name of Jesus Christ.

SOLUTION: Ensure you remain on the winning side. No matter what the enemy may bring your way, have faith in God; see only the things the Lord has promised and not the threat of the enemy. In the end, you will sing for joy. Sing on beloved!

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