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Be compassionate and show love to all

Focus: Jude 1:22 - KJV

22. And of some have compassion, making a difference:

Jude 1:20-23

The scripture we are considering enjoins us to be compassionate towards some. But following that, we are further enjoined to even show love unto those whose garments are stained with the flesh that they may be rescued from hell. That, honestly is the mind of our God. On this very beautiful day, the counsel of God to us all is to love everyone. Make a difference by being compassionate in love towards all that need assistance. David took over the reins of the kingship in Israel. Saul’s relatives were not happy about it. He stood at the danger of being toppled at any opportunity by the house of Saul. Yet, rather than seek to destroy the remnant of the house of Saul, he sought to show kindness in the name of Jonathan. When Mephibosheth was brought to him as the one remaining in Saul’s direct lineage, he was naturally afraid of the purpose of David until the king calmed him down and elevated him to becoming a council member. God’s way is that we love even our enemies. So, those we do not reckon as enemies, what impedes us from being compassionate towards them?

This day, because of the love of Christ, please take bitterness away from your heart and draw those you believed hurt you in the past to yourself to assist them. Be compassionate towards them. And those that you never even had an encounter with, this is the day that the Lord is looking to you to help them out of their state. And for them that you did not consider fit for salvation, please prayerfully go after them and speak to them with a view to winning them for Christ. God is actually counting on you to achieve this.

SOLUTION: Drop everything you were hoping to do for yourself today and turn towards those who would never have thought you could favor them to favor them. Seek the perishing and draw them away from the path of hell. By so doing, you share the love of Christ.

Father, let love be shed abroad in every heart today in the name of Jesus Christ. The grace to be able to reach out to people hitherto considered as enemy, without any repercussion or backlash, please release in Jesus’ name. And for all those who the devil is trying to railroad to hell, please by your power and through the voices of all of us, your beloved children, do ransom them today in the name of Jesus. Let your love be proclaimed all over the world in Jesus’ name.

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