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Bear Much Fruit

Focus: John 15:8 - KJV

8. Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples.

John 15:1-8

The joy of the farmer is that his plantings bring forth fruits in multiple folds. Then is the farmer said to be successful. The Lord gave us Christ that He may die for us and through His death, He may bring forth great fruits that will be exactly like Him. In the same manner, when He was departing, He commissioned the disciples at the time, who were meant to be the immediate fruits He bore, to also bear fruits. The disciples were expected to be like Him and when they were found to be so, they were called Christians which means ordinarily, the Christ-like people. Hence, from generation to generation, those referred to as Christians are expected to continue bearing fruits that will be Christ-like. Those who so continue in the tradition are the disciples of Christ. That simply means, the Christian who is not bearing fruits by reproducing Christ-like brethren is not accounted as a disciple of Christ. It means he only bears “Christian” without being one since he is unlike Christ. It is in our bearing fruits that God is glorified because those fruits are a harvest unto Him away from the barn of the enemy. It is one thing to bear fruits, it is another for the fruits to be good. Rotten fruits are a waste from the outset. It is yet another thing for the fruits to abide. If we are to be Christ-like indeed, we must assert all effort to retain all fruits in good shape that they too may bear good fruits with time. This is what pleases God.

Beloved, if I were in your shoes, I will consider what I have ever done in the body of Christ to add to the brethren good abiding ones. No matter what I think I may have done, it does not seem to be up to what Paul did and what his epistles are still doing in his name. I will therefore tighten my belt and do much more for the Lord so that when trophies are distributed in the end, I will not lose out. The harvest is ripe but the laborers are few. Yet, you ought to be part of the labor. What is your impact in the labor force? If everyone that had been counted as fruit will also yield fruits, the vice in society should not be so loud. It is our ignoring to bear fruits that is causing the decay. You were born to bear others.

SOLUTION: Take time to evangelize and promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ in every sphere of life where you find yourself. Don’t wait until it is too late. God is counting on you to replenish the earth.

Father, be merciful unto us for not having been so fruitful in the past in the name of Jesus Christ. Please release upon each of us by your Spirit, the zeal to go out and preach the Gospel in the name of Jesus. Please let our labor yield bountiful harvest that will be good and abiding in Jesus’ name. And in the end, let us be accounted as your disciples that our rewards may be in Jesus’ name.

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