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Focus: Romans 10:4 - KJV

4. For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth.

Galatians 3:23-24

The idea of the law, to every religious mind, is a way to make man live together in unity and love to God, as well as amongst themselves. The thing eventually referred to as law, transcends this particular focus and afforded the practitioners an opportunity for hypocritical lives, where some preach it but do other things in hiding; whereas they enforce the same things against others. In any event, that which is the law from God is what was taken as a script from God on tables of stone at Sinai. That, on its own, is complete to lead and guide men into the purpose mentioned. However, since the letter kills, and the spirit gives life, expanding those commandments with a view to explaining the intents thereof, has the tendency of deviating from the purpose of God. That is why Christ said He did not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it.

There is the tendency to assume one is rewriting scripture by saying the law of Moses is beyond what God commanded. It was nonetheless, the basis for hypocrisy and, in many cases, a misdescription of God’s purpose. How can we for instance, direct divorce as a man’s right under the law of God when God Himself says He hates divorce; or how can we ask that people be stoned to death when God says we should not kill? To fulfill the law and confirm it, Christ came to teach righteousness instead of the law (the aspect Moses enunciated). Hence, if anyone must be pleasing unto God, the same must live in love – love to God and love to the neighbor – for in it lies the laws and the prophets; and that is righteousness. Not that he will teach one thing and be doing another. To tap into this righteousness however, we must first believe Christ for who He is, and what He teaches.

Dearly beloved, the way to righteousness is in believing Jesus Christ. Anything to the contrary is to dwell on the law and hypocrisy. For people who do this, it is condemnable when someone cheats them but when they cheat others, it must be applauded, as, to them, it means they are smart or wise. Meanwhile, God is no respecter of persons. If the earth must be a place to enjoy, then we must let righteousness reign, everywhere. To do that is to believe Christ. When we believe Him truly, signs will flow from our righteousness that will make people marvel at our beings.

SOLUTION: Move from hypocrisy unto righteousness. Stop justifying evil on the platform of the law; rather, support righteousness based on love, as directed by Christ.

Pray thus: Father, I want to live my life to please you and therefore, I believe Christ who is the way to righteousness. Please help me to be true to my confession and not to be hypocritical as the law produces in men, in Jesus’ name. In all things, let love dictate my actions dear Lord, in Jesus’ name.

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