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Bless the Lord

Key verse: Psalms 103:1-2 - KJV

1. Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name. 2. Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:

Psalms 103:1-16

Ingratitude is a terrible thing. It is akin to being robbed of one’s possession. When we appreciate the kindness done towards us by others, the doer is encouraged to do more. Recently, social media was agog with a post of how much body parts cost in the international market. The sums are humongous and daunting. Yet, the Lord who is our preserver, sustainer and healer requests no money from us to keep all our organs intact. If the eyes had decided to pack up, to replace or repair would have been at a great cost. Yet, hardly do we show gratitude to God with our eyes. How about the different limbs? If they be non-functional we would have been labelled vegetables. Are we praising God enough with our healthy limbs? The internal organs cannot be replaced or properly repaired until there is an opening or today, with the laser science. Meanwhile, God has kept our internal organs in shape and we refuse to use them to bless the Lord.

Nabal had everything working for him but was not so concerned about blessing God for His benefits in his life. He encountered the needy and refused to countenance them. He rather went commending himself and got himself drunk. The Lord only refrained from making his heart pump and he collapsed like a pack of cards and packed it all up. It appears though that those who do not have full health appreciate God better. Blind Bartimeaus knew how to sing the praises of Jesus who was just passing by, enough to cause Him to stop. While the ten lepers were still leprous, they knew how to approach the Lord in humility and reverence. But only one went back to show gratitude once cleansed. Isn’t that majorly our ways? Must we wait for evil to happen before giving God the praises He deserves? It is better to praise Him now when evil has not come so that through our praises, He would ward off evil from our glare completely.

There is no amount of money we have that can pay God for His kindness over us. The price of the quantity of clinical oxygen needed to survive daily alone confirms that. Many rich people had died without their money rescuing them. Many are in pain of loss despite their wealth. Since you still have your health intact, why not bless God? Even if you are not completely whole now, your blessing Him will trigger your miracle. Bless Him.

Pray: Father, I thank you for keeping all my organs intact. Everything in me is praising your Holy name. Please accept my praises always in Jesus name.

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