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Brotherly Love

Key verse: Hebrews 13:1

Let brotherly love continue.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Love is a very crucial thing in the journey of life. Any man who does not love does not know God. As crucial as love is to the life of man, many are yet to find it. It is even most worrisome that some in the body of Christ who preach love do not know what love is. In the meantime, without love there is no good life or life hereafter because the entirety of God’s instruction, laws, the prophets, the Gospel and whatever we can ascribe to God is encapsulated in one word, LOVE. If love is generally expected of mankind, what then is expected of those of the household of faith among one another? We must believe that the level ought to be higher, if there is anything like that.

For us to operate in love, we need to know the attributes of love: Love suffers long. So, what has anyone done to you to cause you to suffer that makes you snap? We ought to put up the nature of God which is longsuffering even in the face of offence; Love is kind. Has someone treated you unkindly? Win him over with love by being kind to him in return; Love envies not. What is it that your neighbor has or has achieved that appears a big fete? Don’t envy him. Rejoice with him and await God’s kindness to get to you too as you do so; Love does not vaunt itself nor puffed up or self centered. Please don’t be all about yourself. Share what you have that will give comfort to others around you like you enjoy; Love is never easily provoked, does not think evil, does not rejoice in iniquity but in truth. It bears all things and believes all things. Many of us are quick to be provoked even on mere perception. By doing so we fail in fulfilling love.

If we must fulfill love, we must live like Christ. Despite being the Creator of all, He was subjected to all manner of things by His creatures. Not only did they disbelieve Him, torture Him, treat Him without honor or respect, they also led Him to an early death. In all of it, what the One called Love did was to say, Father forgive them. If we profess we want to be like Christ, then we must be able to love our neighbors, particularly our brothers in the faith, like He showed us an example. Begin to exhibit love from today and see God who is Love show more in your life and living.

Pray: Father, I want to be like you in love. Please help me to love my neighbor as myself and moreover, to dwell in brotherly love forever in Jesus name.

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