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Christ in You

Focus: John 17:26 - KJV

26. And I have declared unto them thy name, and will declare it: that the love wherewith thou hast loved me may be in them, and I in them.

Colossians 1:24-29

Jesus Christ is the Word of God, and He has said to us that when we see Him, we have seen the Father because He is in the Father and the Father is in Him. Indeed, He made it clear that He is one with the Father. In other parts of the scripture, it is made abundantly clear that God is love. Meaning that Christ, the Word, like God is love. In essence, those who carry in them the truth of the Word, that is Christ, carries love and therefore God. For Him to be the truth, He lived devoid of lies and acclaimed that the prince of this world, who is the father of lies, has nothing of his in Him. He maintained the truth to the end not caring what detractors, who ordinarily have been deceived by the enemy, may say. Those who, like Christ, would embrace the truth, carry love in them and have life, indeed, the hope of eternal life which is glory. At Bethesda, Christ came with the mind to set free impotent folks. But only one of the multitude at the pool had the mind to free himself from the lie about the sabbath. In the end, he went home free after thirty-eight years of bondage. The rest had themselves tied with the lie about the sabbath and refused to imbibe love and thereby remained in bondage. The woman with the issue of blood freed herself from the lie that would have bound her if she held on to the lie that her hemorrhage made her unclean and unfit to touch Christ at the time she did. If she didn’t touch Him that day, she would have lost her miracle and the opportunity to be read about by generations.

Please let love dwell in you through the truth of the Gospel. Stop depriving yourself of the benefit of Christ and really, God by holding on to old and irrelevant teachings built on the laws of Moses. Rather, test every spirit and hold on to that which is true, that is, approved of Christ. Nothing deprives of benefits more than a lie. That situation you find yourself in, that is causing you to grow lean is only a lie. If only you will imbibe love through the Word, your glory will surely shine forth and you will bounce back for all to see.

SOLUTION: The pathway to good success is in the Word of God. Imbibe it to show yourself approved unto God. It is that approval that forms Christ in you which is the hope of your glory. Everything about the word is love. Hence, if your life does not yet exemplify love, please keep studying and meditating until Christ be truly formed in you.

Father, the more we know you, the more we want to know you. Please reveal yourself to us the more through your word in the name of Jesus. Do please make our hearts fertile grounds for your word not to be stolen by the enemy at any time in Jesus’ name. Papa, please in dwell us the more from now, that we may overcame every effect of the lies that had held us bound before now, in the name of Jesus Christ.

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