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Christ Our Peace

Focus: Ephesians 2:14 - KJV

14. For he is our peace, who hath made both one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us;

Ephesians 2:11-18

There is no more schism amongst men by Christ Jesus. Hitherto, men approached God by their culture and how they viewed God, most of which ways do not present the true person of God. Indeed, in the Israeli culture, as propagated by Moses and his laws of ordinances, those that were not circumcised were not of the covenant and therefore could not benefit from the commonwealth of Israel which was encapsulated in the blessings of Abraham. Hence, by the Israeli tenets of God, people were categorized as Jews and Gentiles. But, the coming and sacrifice of Jesus Christ came with the effect of abolishing the law of ordinances and reconciled all of us whether hitherto called Jew or Gentile, unto God. Whereby, we have been grafted into the covenant of Abraham and are equal beneficiaries thereof. It cannot be godly for the Most-High, the Righteous Judge, to condemn a particular part of His creation to damnation just for being born outside a race, a birth which they had no control over. As God is for every man, it is therefore right to allow every man who accepts to live by God, whether Jew or Gentile, to belong to the commonwealth and those who will not live by Him, regardless of their roots and formation, to be cast out therefrom. By His death therefore, Christ has become our peace, reconciling us unto God and making us all, partakers of the blessings of righteousness in Abraham.

Beloved, let us please take our focus away from the laws of ordinances as they have been abolished by Christ through His sacrifice. We have peace in Him who has reconciled us unto the Father. Dwelling on the laws of ordinances as propounded by Moses is returning to bondage where we had been freed and not left bound. Truth is, if we allow such ordinances to still operate in our minds, the captivity of our minds translates to the entire being and that is what shows in our daily living. We operate in guilt under abolished laws and thereby hold ourselves in imaginary cages where there is none.

SOLUTION: Whatever is not of Christ is unlawful. What the Christ has approved is lawful. Do only things which Christ approves. If Christ does not condemn you, nobody can. Live your life daily by Christ alone!

Father, we thank you for the peace you have given unto us in Christ Jesus. Please let the peace endure forever in Jesus’ name. Do not let the devil put us in any form of bondage by playing with our minds regarding the abolished laws of ordinances ever again in Jesus’ name. Please help us to live our lives by Christ and thereby be pleasing unto you to the very end in the name of Jesus Christ.

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