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Christ’s Kind of Love

Focus: John 13:34 - KJV

34. A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.

John 15:12-17

Christ is a lover of man particularly His disciples. He wants us to be like Him hence He emphasizes that we, like Him should love one another. His kind of love is however not ordinary. It is agape which suggests love despite the state of the victim. It matters not that the person we are to love is considered sinner or evil. He loves no matter what. Also, His kind of love is sacrificial. It takes sacrificial love to touch a person with a contagious and terminal disease such as leprosy. His demand of us is to love like He loves us. Hence, no matter the standing, belief or otherwise of the neighbor, love is what we are to do. We are to so love that we are equally to be sacrificial. It is more important to do this particularly to those who are members of the household of faith. Nothing ought to prevent us from showing love to one another. Nonetheless, what operates today in real terms is that every one operates on individual basis. Meanwhile, the prescription of God is such that if we heed, we will be better off as two is better than one.

There is no pleasing God except we succeed in the commandment of love. It is pivotal in our Christian journey. We must strive to please God in the commandment of love. It is important to stress that there is a belief that since Christ has died for us, grace and mercy cover all our deeds. The fallacy in that is that since Christ knows all things, He knew before His crucifixion and resurrection that grace and mercy will be available and ought not to give all the directives He gave as they are by grace, unnecessary. Please, let us adhere to the doctrines of Christ. They are to assist us in coming up to the full level of enjoying the grace He made available to us.

SOLUTION: Let the Christ be fully formed in you with the evidence of love. Love like Christ such that you do only the things Christ would approve and abstain from what Christ disapproves.

The Lord will grant us the grace to excel in love so as to be pleasing to Him in Jesus’ name. The power that prevents man from loving one another truly shall be rebuked for your sake in the name of Jesus. God will cause us to fulfil His own injunction regarding love in all ramification in Jesus’ name.

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