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Decree a thing

Memorize: Job 22:28

Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways.

Read: Joshua 10:8-13

Man, whom God made is blessed on earth to the extent that all he has to do is decree a thing and it is established unto him. That is why whatever name Adam called every animal became their names. Even though man fell from grace, for everyone who showed sufficient love for God in obedience, God afforded them the same benefit. That was why Joshua could command the sun and moon to standstill and they did for a whole day. In his days, king Hezekiah asked that the shadow should go back ten degrees and it was so.

Today, by the reason of the finished work on the cross, you are greater than Joshua and Hezekiah because all things have been restored to what it was in the beginning. So, if only you will believe and trust God for His word, you can also decree a thing and it shall be established unto you. What is that thing that is standing between you and the fulfilment of your destiny? The elements were going to prevent Joshua from total victory in his battle and he rose to decree a thing. Hezekiah needed a sign and he called it forth. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ wanted to pay tax and spoke forth gold coin in the mouth of a fish. Whatever it is that is standing between you and performance of your God ordained destiny, hack it down with a decree. Whatever you need to have for you to fulfill that long-awaited dream, call it to being.

However, if you want your joy to be full in the circumstance, you will need to make the decree in the name of Jesus Christ. For that is the name that has been given unto us to overcome darkness and all powers there is. You cannot however enjoy the benefit of the name unless you be born again. Ask the sons of Sceva. Even the enemy knows when the name is used by the right person. Calling the name to back up a decree against the kingdom of darkness without you being born again can be counterproductive. Do the needful and make your decree today that you may start to enjoy the goodness of God in a new dimension.

Pray: Hallelujah! Father I thank you for the grace to decree a thing and find it so. Today, in the name of Jesus, let everything there is, bow to your will for my life in Jesus name. I decree: light there be light in all my affairs today in the name of Jesus Christ.

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