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Do you cherish eternal life?

Text: 1 John 2:25

And this is the promise that he hath promised us, even eternal life.

Bible reading:

John 6:35-40


The Word of God is true and forever settled in Heaven. Whatever God has said in His Word, He is bound to fulfill because He even honors His Word more than His name. God is too reputable to lie. Therefore for everyone who knows Him, we know that what He has promised, that He will do. Jesus Christ is His Word. His promise unto those who believe in Him is eternal life. What eternal life connotes is life with Him in a timeless zone as against a second death characterized by being in the lake that burns with fire after life on earth. The difference between those who will be spending eternity in either place is believing in Christ and the finished work on the cross. This in itself is about being born again by being translated from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of God. It is about moving from the side of sin and sinners to the side of righteousness in Christ Jesus by doing only the things Christ approves. Once you can attain this then you have an assurance of eternity with Him. Are you working righteousness or iniquity? That which you do determines where you will end up. Your working iniquity is evidence of your not believing Him and cannot make you a partaker of His promise. The promise is for those who believe only. Believe today and you are guaranteed eternal life.

Prayer Guide:

Lord please help me to become and remain a believer in you that i may reign in eternity with you in Jesus’ name.

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