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Don’t Joke With The Word Of God

Focus: Psalms 119:89 - KJV

89. LAMED. For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven.

Luke 22:31-61

The word of God is forever settled in heaven. What that suggests is that when the Lord speaks, heaven ensures the performance of that which is said. Nothing on earth can change it no matter the manipulations of men and the lies of the devil. There was a man in the days of scripture called Simon. Christ had surnamed him Peter as he was meant to be the foundation upon which the Church was to be built. Once the devil knew this, he sought to destroy Peter. Ordinarily, Peter was zealous in his love for Christ and the things of the Kingdom. But the enemy took his zealousness and used it against him to make him lean towards the things of men and not that of God. The devil caused fear to be deposited in him such that despite his boasts, he denied Christ thrice. Now, two expressions of Christ were at work here: Peter was to be foundation; Simon was to deny Christ thrice. When the denial happened, Peter was already a goner. But Christ ensured that His word concerning him being the foundation did not fall to the ground. He got Peter restored before He ascended to heaven. So, no matter what, if God says something, rest assured that heaven will ensure its performance, no matter what.

Beloved, that which the Lord has said concerning you is settled in Heaven and heaven will surely bring it to pass. Make sure though, that whatever negative pronouncement that may have been said concerning you is not cast in stone. Like Christ prayed for Peter, He is also interceding on your behalf. You will surely overcome the devices of the enemy. Be sure God will see you through. Just know that when God speaks, it is done. Get ready to enter into the beauty in God’s word for your life. Hallelujah!

SOLUITION: Pay attention to every prophesy and word of God directed at you from the past and even now. Those that are yet to come to bear, pray them to performance. Those that have just been released, look out for the performance also. It is coming to pass.

Father, let the potency in your Word work for our lifting even today in the name of Jesus Christ. Every pending positive prophesy for our lives, because you cannot lie, please bring them to performance now in Jesus’ name. Cancel by your power every negative pronouncement and zest of the enemy towards us in Jesus’ name. Let not your promise fall to the ground pertaining to our destinies in Jesus’ name.

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