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Don’t look back!

Key verse: Luke 9:62

And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.

Genesis 19:15-26

To look back in spiritual parlance is to backslide. To backslide is to, after having tasted the beauty of the Kingdom of light, return into darkness, having been lured through lust. This is common to many Christians who after having gone into romance with the enemy, they start to look for one thing or the other from the Lord, who, as a jealous God has no interest in touching them until they are cleansed anew. They then complain of unanswered prayers and call God a liar regarding His promises. They make everyone believe that because they carry fat Bibles and speak God all the time, then they are holy and God should hear them. Meanwhile, they long abandoned their God in that they refused His instruction not to look back no matter what.

God was out to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah for the filth that existed in the land. He decided to first separate the righteous from the filthy before burning down the place. As fate will have it, Lot found favor and God decided to take him and his household out of the town. He drew them out letting them know that there was nothing worthy in the filth they were being saved from. However, Lot’s wife was so attached emotionally to some filthy things and therefore, contrary to the Lord’s instruction, she looked back and lost it immediately. It is the same for the Christian. After having been led out of the bondage of sin by the sacrifice of Christ, the Lord expects us never to look back at the damnation sin bears. Everyone that looks away from the way of Christ and His clear instructions risk damnation and destruction. Unfortunately, sin appears so sweet to the soul that is lustful. And by such lust they are lured like Lot’s wife to have their minds on things that will not get them to the place where Christ is positioned in glory.

Beloved, that seeming sweet thing beckoning at you which is against the mind of God is poison. Taking it is looking back and therefore damning. The only way for us to make it is to be steadfast in love and faithfulness unto our God and His Christ. All the things that occupy our minds for our seeming enjoyment are honestly aimed at making us look back. And whoever has started well with Christ and looks back calls God a liar and is not fit for the Kingdom. If you are kin on the Kingdom, please never look back. It is dangerous.

Pray: Father, help me to be focused in my Kingdom journey in Jesus name.

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