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Faithfulness In God’s Assignment

Focus: Matthew 25:23 - KJV

23. His lord said unto him, Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.

Matthew 25:14-30

There is a Kingdom that is of God, where righteousness is the order. The Lord replicated the same on earth by putting man in charge. The charge is in the form of talents or capacity to do a couple of things to replenish the earth on behalf of the Lord who owns all things. Incidentally, capacity is not equally distributed to all. Rather, each is given the quantum he is able to operate with at the level he is given. For instance, capacity was given to a man called an illiterate to raise a church of a few thousand people, and when he was to depart the earth, he was made to handover to a mathematician who, through geometry, built capacity to making millions enter into the fold with a view, of course, to replenishing the earth on behalf of God.

There are others however who had been given capacity but, rather than put it to use for the purpose it was given, they rather buried it and proceeded on a frolic pursuing things that do not form part of the purpose for which they were brought into being. They are contented with just being themselves and cumbering the space God gave to them for nothing. Nevertheless, the mind of God is clear regarding every occupant of the earth. We are merely here on His behalf and our progress here and in the main Kingdom is dependent on how well we put the capacity given to us to use, as well as the kingdom-profit we make. Those who fail to utilize the endowment of God fail Him and are not worthy of Him. In the final analysis, He discards them, and that, in the lake of fire. But the ones who are faithful in the use of their endowment are endowed the more for greater yields. Little wonder why some people are not allowed to stay long on earth and others are, depending on their faithfulness to God in Kingdom affairs.

Are you in the business of doing selfish things and not looking to the things the Lord has assigned you to? Today is the day you must turn around. You can be the best you want to be by doing the things of God first. There are investments God has made in you and He expects you to put them to profitable use. Please, ensure you pursue kingdom matters wherever you find yourself and not necessarily in Church alone. In our character, manner of approach, dealings etc., we must show that we represent God in making righteousness prevail on earth. Whenever we fail in this and allow darkness to be, or pervade the spectrum, we are in denial of God’s investment and He is not pleased. Are you there standing by and allowing injustice to happen to another? Please watch it.

SOLUTION: Please make yourself busy in righteousness and righteous living. Let the world know through your life and your dealings that righteousness pays. Never allow anything you do put the Lord in disrepute before anyone. Let us continue to be the scripture that people read to become righteous.

Pray thus, please: My father and my God I thank you for your endowment upon my life. Help me to utilize the same fully for profiting in your Kingdom in Jesus’ name. Whatever I do, please do not let me lose my pleasant reward in Jesus’ name. Thank you for today: please make it a rewarding day for me in the mighty name of Jesus.

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