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Fear Not! Just Believe

Focus: Mark 5:36 - KJV

36. As soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken, he saith unto the ruler of the synagogue, Be not afraid, only believe.

Mark 5:21-42

There is no situation under the heavens that is too difficult for God to handle. It is the faith of man that determines what he gets or what he does not. No wonder scripture affirms that God is able to do exceeding, abundantly beyond what we ask or think according to the power that works in us. It means if the power that works in us exhibits faith, God will produce for us that which we believe. If the power exhibits fear, only the negative is produced. Jairus had a situation that appeared hopeless to man. People were already weeping and making much ado because of his sick daughter who had died. But Christ encouraged him to rejuvenate the power in him to work faith and not fear. In the end, the daughter lived. The most terrible state on earth is death. Since God can restore the dead, there is nothing too difficult for him to restore. Is it sickness, indebtedness, spiritual ill-health, whatever? God has the power to bring restoration. Only that the recipient must operate in faith for without faith it is impossible to please the Lord and the just shall live by faith. So, the counsel today is fear not. Fear is evil and it only brings about negative consequences. Never allow it to rob you of your benefit. There is no hopelessness with God.

What is it that the devil is lying to you about today and making it seem impossible? Please don’t believe the lie. Rather, hold on to your faith in the promises of God by His word. God is not slack regarding His promises. He will surely bring them to pass. Is the devil telling you the matter is doomed and concluded? Don’t believe him for God can reopen any chapter. He does as He pleases. But unless you show you believe, He is not aroused on your behalf to do anything. Just believe.

SOLUTION: Faith makes us look crazy to the undiscerning. No matter what situation confronts you, just believe the promise of God and hold on to it believing the one who has promised. Never waiver or stop believing. Don’t allow the spirit of doubt to shake your faith in any way. Restoration cometh.

Thou God of restoration, when you promise you never fail, concerning the plights of your children today, please arise to prove yourself faithful in Jesus’ name. Every sorrow-causing situation in any of our lives, please turn them to celebration in the name of Jesus. Wherever faith is lacking O Lord, please help our faith in the name of Jesus Christ. Daddy, don’t allow the enemy to win in any of our matters in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Thank you, Lord for your faithfulness.

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