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Flattery is destructive

Text: Job 17:5

He that speaketh flattery to his friends, even the eyes of his children shall fail.

Bible Reading:

1 Kings 1:5-10


Flattery is excessive and insincere praise of another aimed at furthering one’s own interest. The flattered is endangered into believing a lie and acting thereon to his own detriment and peril. Flattery is mainly done vocally/verbally. It may however appear that actions towards someone may also be in flattery of that person. For instance, the support of Adonijah without the necessary nod of the ailing king David his father is tantamount to flattery and made him to lose what should ordinarily have been his right as the eldest surviving son of the king. The flattery of the king’s friends and lieutenants brought him to his peril. Of course, the flatterers themselves had their own repercussion. As the Bible says, the eyes of their children shall fail. For the eyes to fail is to depict blindness. This may not necessarily be physically but essentially figuratively. Herod was flattered into believing he was also a god. That pitched him against God and also put him into rivalry with Satan his master for that was his misdeed from the beginning. He suffered dare consequences. Flattery is heinous. If you love a person, why flatter him? Why make him have a false belief? Why tell him he is someone who he is not and you know? If he is destroyed in the process don’t you think the Lord will demand his blood from you? Are you the one being flattered? Must you ascribe every praise to yourself that men raise? Human beings are very funny: it is only when it is well with you that they stay by you. So, when they sing your praises be careful and be weary of them. They mean more harm than good. Whatever you do, don’t flatter and don’t get flattered. When you allow yourself to be flattered, you share God’s glory and pitch yourself against Him. Please don’t.


Father, please don’t let me ever think too highly of myself no matter the flattery of men and help me to refrain from flattery in Jesus name.  

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