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Fresh Oil

Focus: Psalms 92:10 - KJV

10. But my horn shalt thou exalt like the horn of an unicorn: I shall be anointed with fresh oil.

2 Samuel 15:13-30

A unicorn is said to be a mythical creature resembling a horse, with a single horn in the center of its forehead often symbolic of chastity or purity. And of course, to exalt is to raise in rank, honor, power etc. In the focus today, King David was a man in distress: to his chagrin, a son brought out of his loins whom he raised and nurtured, forgave after great misbehavior and murder of his half-brother, brought back from exile to enjoy his pardon, became his assailant and caused him to abdicate the throne to save his life. The king, like a unicorn considers himself pure and free of any wrongdoing. This same king had been anointed twice to get to the throne of Israel and was hopeful that, if by his righteousness, the Lord was on his side, he will yet be anointed with fresh oil.

To be in distress is a function of tribulation. But there is one who has confirmed overcoming the world wherein there is tribulation. By such overcoming stance, victory is assured every pure person from whatever the world brings his way in form of tribulation. Such victory is for a restoration to a steady stable status from the ill brought about in tribulation. This is akin to being renewed. Being renewed is through a fresh oil from the Anointer who made us who we are from the beginning. David was away from his throne and sought the face of God to restore him thereto again by anointing him king anew. This happened eventually when his enemies were slain in battle.

Beloved, are you being assailed by a friend, relation or old colleague or anyone at all? Cheer up! David was assailed by his own son whom he favored. If you will keep your sanctity, the Lord, who is the righteous judge will surely come through for you. That place that they had denied you which the Lord had ordained for you, the Lord will preserve it and restore you to it. He will grant you a fresh oil for your renewal for the position and of course, He will judge the enemy for your sake, like He did Absalom, even if it gives you no pleasure. In this new month therefore, await the salvation of the Lord who will anoint you with fresh oil as he restores you to that exalted position in Jesus name. Happy New Month!

Pray: Father, thank you for anointing me for exalted positions in the past. Please exalt my horn anew like that of the unicorn and grant me fresh oil to restore me to the exalted office you had prepared me for in Jesus name.

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