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Fruit of their doings

Focus: Isaiah 3:10 - KJV

10. Say ye to the righteous, that it shall be well with him: for they shall eat the fruit of their doings.

Isaiah 3:10-15

God is deliberate about harvest this year. Hence, He wants everyone that professes righteousness to be indeed righteous so that they may reap the harvest of righteousness. There is a man who has made so much money locked up in many vaults all over the world. His dwellings are ladened with gold and he is so sprawlingly affluent. Unfortunately, this affluence he got at the expense of the people in that it is from the resources available to the State that he has amassed so much. Somehow, preparatory to the Christmas celebration, some young lads who live in squalor but have absolute peace in their Lord from the love they receive from ministry, made a video to express their greetings and gratitude for Christmas. When this video got to the rich man, all he could express was that the children were not worthy of himself but of the preacher. Meanwhile, their state of affairs is traceable to such activities and ills of the rich man. Isn’t God looking and able to act in the circumstance? The year of harvest is here. God is saying to the sinner to repent so that he may not harvest the fruit of evil. If only they will open their eyes to see, then will they discover that that which they have sown is ripe and about to be harvested.

For the righteous, there is a reassurance: it shall be well with him for he also will reap the fruit of the righteousness he has sown and has been sowing. When the sinner turns around from his evil to do good, the Lord will wipe away the evil he had done and allow him reap the fruit of righteousness. Hence, He is calling all to repentance, now. Why not look for those who need help and offer assistance today. When you do so, you sow in righteousness and will definitely reap in joy. Everyone who has opportunity to be good but refuses to be, is only making the day of harvest that is ahead somewhat gloomy. Truth is, those who abstain from doing good are actually doing evil by such abstinence. Never fold your hands and allow evil to thrive in your space.

As we progress into the new year, may the Almighty God write off all your misdeeds of the past and write good records that will bear good harvest for you in Jesus name. May you never be a candidate of any ill in Jesus name. Let the good work continue in you and see the goodness of the Lord in this new year. Let it be good works always, beloved.

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