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Gift of His Peace

Key verse: John 14:27 - KJV

27. Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

John 14:25-27

Life is ordinarily full of troubles and short. Yet the Lord did not make it so from the beginning. The mind of God is that man may live life in goodness and abundance. The peril of shortness and turmoil set in when man fell through the deception of the devil. God, being a loving Father then brought Himself to ransom man from the turmoil which the world offers by presenting His only begotten Son to pay the price for the misdeed of man. While the Son was on earth, He demonstrated the capacity to take the turmoil away: He silenced the wave of the Sea; healed the leper and all manner of diseases; delivered the oppressed; set the captives free and raised the dead. But then, the assignment would only be complete if He died and rose again being ordinarily blameless. However, if He so died, since there is a prince of this world that is the cause of the turmoil and shortness, things were likely to continue like before unless something was done. Hence, the Prince of Peace decided to send the Holy Spirit to comfort the believers as the Presenter of peace to them, when the Prince be departed.

Jesus Christ is the Gift of God to the world. As many as believe in Him are turned from darkness into light. For their light not to soon become darkness, Jesus promised the Gift of the Holy Spirit to them. The Holy Spirit is available to them and not the world. Therefore, the Holy Spirit offers them that believe peace, which is the peace of Christ as against that which the world calls peace. In the peace offered by the Holy Spirit is great tranquility even in the midst of surrounding turmoil. Paul travelled as a prisoner with others by sea. In the midst of great turbulence and while the others were troubled and shaken by the events, the peace of God supplied him by the Holy Spirit made Paul calm and unperturbed. He even with boldness told the travelers how the journey would end in a capsize without any being lost. Despite having foreknowledge of the capsize, he was not troubled; rather, he invited others to eat bread. That is peace like a river.

We also can receive and carry with us the peace of Christ when we receive the Holy Spirit. Just that He is not available to the people of the world otherwise called sinners. Are you available to receive the Holy Spirit who is the Gift of God to believers? Receive Him today.

Pray: Father, please load me with your peace through the Holy Spirit in Jesus name.

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