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Glory to God

Key verse: Philippians 4:20

Now unto God and our Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

Philippians 4:14-20

Apostle Paul was a man of great stature. He was acclaimed to be a professor of Jewish law before he became a Christian. He at some point recounted some of the things he had attained in life just for us to know he was not a lay about but ordinarily a vivid achiever. He was however quick to renounce all his achievement for the love of Christ. As an Apostle, though he was entitled to the gifts of his converts, he was careful not to solicit for it. He commended the converts who gave to meet his needs, and then declared unto them what he knew was certain concerning such givers: that God would supply their needs too, abundantly. The crux however is this: Paul knew it was not because he was declaring it but because it ordinarily behoves God to do so. He therefore, made it clear that the glory of doing so belongs only to God Almighty forever.

Many of us are fond of wanting to take the glory for certain attainments in ministry. Statements like “it was when I prayed for them that they had an issue”; “he came to me and I laid my hand on him and the following day he shared his testimony” and such like, are statements we make to suggest that the deeds had our doing in it. Meanwhile, without Christ, we can do nothing. It is God who through us wills and does everything that appear phenomenal that we do and to Him alone the glory belongs. He is Jealous. He does not like to have His glory shared.

Nebuchadnezzar learnt his lesson in a very hard way when he will not let God have the glory. Herod turned to worms never to realize save in death, that glory belongs to God. Even Samson did not know he was just a vessel and not the real operator until he became blind and helpless. Let us endeavor to give God the glory He alone deserves whenever it appears we are achieving fetes no matter how little or great it may be. When we give Him His deserved glory, He enables us to do more. Give all glory to God.


Father, I glorify your name for counting me worthy of your use in the affairs of the earth. To you alone be all the glory and honor. Do please accept the same from me in Jesus name. Please empower me to do more to the glory of your name in Jesus name.

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