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Go for the substance

Focus: John 6:27 - KJV

27. Labour not for the meat which perisheth, but for that meat which endureth unto everlasting life, which the Son of man shall give unto you: for him hath God the Father sealed.

John 5:1-14

Miracles, signs and wonders are the effect of the power of the Holy Spirit. They are meant to be evidence of the power of the Kingdom. But this also can be an object of the manipulation of the enemy. It can come through sorcery and magic albeit momentarily and without lasting long. Many have fallen prey of the enemy by these matters. When a fisherman goes to the river to catch fish, for great results, he sets up a bait. The enemy also has found that many seek miracles these days and therefore present to them seeming miracles just to have them in his nets. Even our Lord Jesus Christ asserted that people sought Him not because they believed but because of the miracle of multiplying bread and fish to feed them. The question therefore is: why do people throng to the church today? Is it in search of the Lord or for His miracles?

Miracles are children’s bread and it is not out of place in the body of Christ. However, when the focus is on the miracles and not the Christ, there is a misplacement of priority and therefore dangerous. The danger is that while seeking miracles, we may lose sight of the Christ. When that happens, the miracles fall of and worse predicaments than had been hitherto set in. When Christ healed the impotent folk by the pool of Bethesda, He met him again and cautioned him to sin no more so that some worse situation may not befall him. This suggests that as beautiful as miracles may be, the sustenance is in righteous living which is attained from a focus on Christ. Today, people are offered the miracles without the Christ. Yes there are huge testimonies of such miracles and we have heard some of the priests offering the miracles compelling testimonies so as not to lose them as many have lost theirs. Yes, they are to be lost if not sustained through the righteousness of Christ.

Beloved, what do you seek: the miracle of Christ or the Christ Himself. If you seek the Christ, you will be the one through whom the miracles are performed real soon. It is akin to having the source of the living water as against just receiving a cup of the water. From today, the Lord will make you the vessel through whom miracles are performed henceforth in Jesus name. Go for the substance today and leave the peripheral things that may perish. You can be the best that you want to be.

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