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God of Wisdom

Focus: Proverbs 2:6 – KJV

6. For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.

Genesis 31:3-12

There is none wiser than the Creator. It is therefore mind troubling why it is fashionable for people to discountenance the sayings and the guidance of God for another. If it were not so, then everyone should embrace the Word of God to study it and meditate on it so as to draw wisdom from the counsel of God contained in it. Jacob had benefitted from swindling his brother Esau. But because what a man sows he reaps, he reaped greater swindling from his maternal uncle. Nonetheless, a time came and he sought the face of the Lord who speaks knowledge and understanding, for wisdom in his plight with Laban. Alas, God gave him a strategy that caused the wealth of Laban to be transferred to him. It is not certain whether any other person has applied the same strategy in animal husbandry that Jacob applied at the time. It is therefore baffling that even those that the vision has been revealed to of the extent of God’s unsearchable wisdom, fail to take the benefit.

What is that situation that appears tough that confronts you? Take it to the Lord for solution. If someone could get a resolution of his doctoral thesis in Applied Mathematics from the Biblical story of the parting of the Red Sea when he sought the face of the Lord, you also can find the solution to that naughty challenge in the Word of God if not from His direct instruction to you. Problem is, we need to ask Him for it as it is He who asks that receives.

SOLUTION: Seek wisdom from the God of wisdom by humbly presenting the matter to Him for His guidance and intervention. Forcing yourself on without guidance is not the way to go.

Today, the Lord will give you wisdom in all your endeavors and you will achieve great success in Jesus name. Everything that had slowed you down hitherto will give way to the wisdom of God now in Jesus name.

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