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God’s delight

Key verse: Psalms 147:11

The LORD taketh pleasure in them that fear him, in those that hope in his mercy.

Psalms 147:1-11

Let us examine some things this day. A father cherishes the child who fears him the most. He knows that the child will always strive to do his will. Even when the child errs, he overlooks it and assumes it is a mistake believing that the same child always will seek clemency after having indulged himself in wrong doing. This was our experience when we were little children. The same is true of the relationship between God as our Father and all His earthly children who fear and reverence Him. While the others cry to Him and He seems not to answer, when those who are reckoned for fearing Him does so, He answers almost instantly. The difference is, those who fear Him sing praises to Him constantly. They recognize His good deeds and always appreciate Him for it. They are not given to murmuring at any of His deeds. And for this, He is delighted in them.

Another month comes to an end today. It is by the Lord’s mercies that you and I have not been consumed. Shouldn’t we create time to praise Him for His loving kindness and tender mercies? When we do so, He reciprocates in a big way because our praises unto Him are His delight. David found this out early in His life and ensured it did not depart from him all through. He became the delight of God despite his subtle misdeeds. He got pardon anytime he sought it and he survived many assaults because God was delighted in him. His son Solomon took after him in songs and poetry. No wonder God was delighted in him also. How does one explain a man that had one thousand women having tranquility all around him and great splendor too? Due to the foreign women he married, idol worship was imported into the kingdom of the jealous God that warranted the split of the kingdom. Yet the kingdom was not split in his days but after. The peculiar thing about him like his dad, was praise depicted in the fear of God and seeking His mercy.

We too can become the delight of God if we will take our eyes off the current challenges we face and praise God despite them. When we do so, the God of mercy will take pleasure in us and smile on us too, despite our inadequacies. He is a God of principles. He respects not persons but principles. We can get the best out of Him through praises. Praise God.

Pray: I will praise you Lord from everlasting to everlasting for your mercies over my life and family. Kindly let our doings be pleasurable in your sight in Jesus name.

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