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God’s righteous ways

Focus: Psalms 145:17 - KJV

17. The LORD is righteous in all his ways, and holy in all his works.

Psalms 145:8-17

When someone, a family, community or people are faced with a challenge, they turn to God for assistance. In many cases, the assistance they require, will impact some other beings of God negatively. And because God is righteous in His ways and holy in His works, He is never in a hurry to take challenges away in a place to give greater devastation elsewhere. For instance, someone may assume another is his enemy standing between him and a promotion or what have you, for which he seeks God to kill the fellow. On the other side, the fellow is the bread winner in a household where many people hinge on. The righteous God will way the balance and rather allow overtures to the offender, if indeed he is one, to repent so that everyone can be in peace and harmony than allow the wickedness the impact of the death of one man would bring. That is God. He positioned the earth in such a way that the sun is available to all in rotation. It is possible for Him to keep only a portion exposed to sun perpetually. That will bring so much hardship to the areas left out. God is the God of all.

David was in pain having to hide away from the tyranny of Saul. In his mind, God should just arise and put an end to his pain by putting a sudden end to the oppression of Saul over him. Rather than move swiftly, God allowed Saul to see the folly in pursuing the hiding, even though more favored, David as he became vulnerable in the pursuit. It was that Saul did not repent that brought about his doom. While David was groaning in his pain, the neighboring enemies did not cease in assailing Israel, the larger community of God’s children that may scatter if their leader was suddenly taken out. The Lord may appear to be slow in responding to your groans and cries. It is not because He is weak or unable to resolve your issues but that He is righteous, just and holy in His works. He does not want to because of your comfort discomfit others unjustifiably. Yet, He is working out the balance that will bring you the greater succor than imagined. Rest on Him. He will do what He needs to do. It won’t be long anymore.

May the Lord respond to your heart cries today; may the righteous One grant your righteous desires without further delay and soothe all your pains in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. May God, through His intervention in your matter gain more people in love unto Himself in Jesus name. Something great is being worked out on your behalf by the Hosts of heaven. Please wait for it.

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1 Comment

Olumuyiwa Odunaiya
Olumuyiwa Odunaiya
Jan 04, 2022

God truly is a righteous judge.

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