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Gracious God

Focus: Isaiah 30:18 - KJV

18. And therefore will the LORD wait, that he may be gracious unto you, and therefore will he be exalted, that he may have mercy upon you: for the LORD is a God of judgment: blessed are all they that wait for him.

Isaiah 30:8-18

I once observed the relationship between a father and his toddler child. True to type, the child was always in rebellion to whatever the father wanted him to do. The father would shout, pull at the child in trying to prevent him from falling into error; at a point the child used his fingernails to hurt the father’s skin and did many things that should make the father want to say to him “suit yourself”. But, knowing that the child was not just a child who was acting in ignorance, but clearly his own child, rather than do anything to hurt the child back or forsake him to get hurt in his error, the father hung on to him and kept shouting instruction as to why he must not go the wrong way. That was an earthly father. Jesus once said that if we as men who are ordinarily wicked know how to give good things to our children, how much more will God give to those who ask Him? If an earthly father can so care for his child, how much more will God care for us? It is true that like the ignorant child, we mostly are rebellious in our acts towards our God. That is why there is no day we don’t fall into error. But God is love and because of His love towards us, better than the earthly Father, He continues to be merciful and gracious to us even in our recalcitrance. What happens if God leaves us for one minute? Devastating darkness sets in. That is why, He refuses to leave us and it is by His mercies we are not consumed.

God is still much more merciful than any earthly being we can think of. Hence, no matter the lie the devil is bringing your way regarding your present circumstance, just remember that God is reluctant to let you go because of His mercies that endure. So, if you will draw nigh unto Him, He is sure ready to draw nigh unto you. The only thing He is waiting for is to be sure you are willing and you will be obedient. He will not only draw nigh; He will also give you the fatherly warm embrace.

SOLUTION: Never believe the devil who is saying to you: where now is your God? He is yet nearby. Just return to Him in your worship and prayers. Identify that which He seeks of you and start to comply to His will. Very soon, you will start to see the issues of darkness dissolve because of His overwhelming light over you.

Our father and our love, we cherish you. We recognize that it is by your mercies that we are breathing today. Thank you for not taking your mercies away from us. Please let our actions never cause you to depart from us ever in Jesus’ name. Please dispel for us every lie of the devil regarding our lives in Jesus’ name. we promise that by your Spirit we shall be more obedient unto you in Jesus’ name.

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