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Have You Got Christ?

Key verse: 1 John 5:12 - KJV

12. He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.

John 6:32-40

Jesus Christ is the Bread of Life. Death, which is the opposite of life came to man in the garden through the misadventure of the first man. But by the calculated plan of God who so loves man, He came in the flesh as the Son of God to redeem man from death so that he (man) can have life again. This time, he is not only to have life but life eternal. However, that life is resident in the Son of God whom God sent to bring it to man. For a man to receive the life, he needs to eat the Bread of Life which means in a manner of speaking, carrying the Christ on his inside. Point is, because Christ is the Word of God, He can be imbibed by retaining in one’s self, the Word of God. Those who do have the Word have the Son of God. Once we can retain Christ in us, then we have the hope of glory which is eternal life in Him. The converse is also true. Those who do not have the Word of God in them, have not the Son of God and as it is, they lack life.

Those who abide in Christ and allow the Word to abide in them are peculiar people. They can ask anything in the name of the Christ and they have it without much ado. That is akin to life. Imagine being able to think up a need and having it in this life just by asking? Many people will want to have such opportunity but they do not. Not because the opportunity is not available, but because they are not willing to forsake their ways which do not conform with being in Christ and having the Word in one. The major problem is the unwillingness to receive and believe the truth of the Word of God. The enemy has sown a seed in many to make them dispute the authenticity of the Word of God. Unfortunately, for as long as we reject the Word we resist the One who sent Him and therefore reject life. Judas Iscariot was with the Word all his life but didn’t get the true import of the Word. Many people are like him. They are only always straddled around the without allowing Him in them. The lie of the devil keeps them from believing the truth thereof. Meanwhile, only those who believe the truth of the Word of God receives the Son and life.

It is important for us to open our hearts to Christ that He may come in. it is unfortunate that many are missing out because of very lame issues and third party thoughts. When the chips are down, no third party bears the consequences of our actions with us. Let’s set aside every weight and imbibe Christ. In Him alone is life.

Pray: Father, please come into my heart from today that I may have life in Jesus name.

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