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Hearken to wise rebuke

Focus: Ecclesiastes 7:5 - KJV

5. It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise, than for a man to hear the song of fools.

Proverbs 15:31-33

It is glorifying to listen and adhere to wise rebuke rather than listen to the song of fools. When we are going in a wrong direction and someone comes to point us in the right and better direction, if we follow, then are we wise. On the other hand, if someone is headed for destruction because he keeps pursuing a way that seems right but leads to death, and some keep singing his praise to urge him to continue, the same is not better than a fool himself.

It has become a practice for people to accost those who point them to the truth as being rebellious or make such unsavory comment about them. Christ was in the same shoe. He came teaching everyone that cared to listen that the way of the law was not the way to the light. He pointed them to the way, the truth and the life but many turned deaf ears and went on into destruction in darkness. Judas Iscariot rather than heed the counsel of Christ and be wise, listened to the song of fools who offered him pecuniary gain for the life of his brother and friend. The rest is history as he ended up taking his own life.

When a rebuke comes, by the help of God, there are ways to check whether such is from the wise. Therefore, before we discountenance a rebuke, it is important to check whether it is a wise rebuke or something borne out of hatred or malice. Herod listened to the song of fools and was turned into worms. They ascribed to him the title of God and he acknowledged it. In the end, his foolishness was glaring.

Truth is constant. If we are rebuked based on the truth, we should gladly accept the truth and move on. The King of Glory came and taught us all regarding our old ways which were most unpleasing to God. Rather than heed His position, many are still continuing in the old ways, yet they expect things to be better. How can? Can we continue in sin and expect grace to abound? The truth has been revealed but they refuse to know it for it to set them free. That is why darkness still pervades the earth.

SOLUTION: Never quarrel with the truth. Even when it comes as a rebuke, gladly embrace it. Conversely, flattery is a destroyer. Don’t allow the praise singing of some draw you into great folly. Always watch and pray.

Father, we thank you for your rod and staff that comfort us in the way of salvation. Please continue to direct us in your wisdom and send your emissaries our ways so that through their wise rebuke we may always put our hearts to wisdom in Jesus’ name.

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