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Help in trouble time

Key verse: Psalms 138:7

Though I walk in the midst of trouble, thou wilt revive me: thou shalt stretch forth thine hand against the wrath of mine enemies, and thy right hand shall save me.

Isaiah 59:18-19

When a person is pleasing to God, his being creates serious cacophony in the kingdom of darkness. For this, the head of that kingdom is enraged and moves at all cost to bring the fellow down. As he creates enemies for him amongst his colleagues, he does the same even in his family. All just so that the fellow may be overwhelmed and somehow find God wanting and deny Him. But they that do know their God will be strong in the face of every manner of opposition, believing, as it were, that God will never leave or forsake them. Everywhere God finds such faith, He comes through for His own to defend and rescue them as well as dumbfound the enemy.

The three Hebrew boys in the book of Daniel had no offense. Because they believed in the living God and professed His faithfulness, the enemy became enthralled with their stand and put together a scheme to ensnare them. The king had created an image and wanted it worshipped. These Hebrew boys would only bow to the living God. So, the enemy caused a decree to be issued by the king to the effect that anyone who refuses to bow to the image would be thrown into a furnace. When the men refused to bow, though they were friends to the king, the latter was compelled to throw them in the fire after it had been heated up seven times just to ensure they do not survive. But God came through for them. His Spirit raised a standard that dumbfounded not only the king but also caused the agents of the enemy their lives.

How hot is the fire the enemy has put you into in a bid to make you surrender to doing evil? If only you will continue to trust in God, He will surely raise a standard against the enemy on your behalf. You are coming out unscathed in Jesus name. Or have you been an instrument in the hands of the enemy to put someone else in the valley of the shadow of death? It is better for you to retrace your step urgently because that fire you are brewing may be the instrument God will use to avenge His beloved. Ask Haman. The gallows he prepared for Mordechai was his own hang noose in the end. Please stick with love. Hatred or bitterness is a terrible evil that consumes its victim.

Pray: Father, in any way that the enemy has prepared a shadow of death for me, please let your Spirit raise a standard against it on my behalf in Jesus name.

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