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Holiness reechoed

Key verse: Leviticus 20:26

And ye shall be holy unto me: for I the LORD am holy, and have severed you from other people, that ye should be mine.

Genesis 26:34-35

Everyone that the Lord draws to Himself, He knew their being from the foundation of the earth. Because God is holy, when He knows that someone is not cut out for holiness or he is not likely to strive for same, He does not waste His investment on such soul. Our remaining in His bosom and being taught of Him is because we are redeemable and it will augur so well that we allow ourselves to be redeemed from our filthiness by Him.

God had purposed to save the world by first making Israel a prototype of godliness and from the same nation bring forth a Messiah. By the order of life, it is the firstborn son that carries on the legacy of the father. But when Rebecca became pregnant and sought the meaning of her experience, she was told God hated the elder and loved the younger, even though they were not born. A careful consideration of the scripture will reveal the reason. Although Jacob was willing to obey and adhere to his parents’ instruction as it pertained to God, Esau was one who pursued his lust regardless of what anybody felt. This was why he took women from outside the clan approved of God. How would God have continued His Abrahamic covenant with Esau, a pollutant? He would have caused pollution to the entire raise and made no sense of the purpose for the covenant, not only through marriage but generally through unconscionable lust. The holy God will not let that be.

Our refusal to be holy puts us at a disadvantage, like Esau, when it comes to the things of God. God’s plans are based on His tenets and principles with holiness being a key factor. We cannot continue in filth and expect the holy God to continue to bear us up. Like a child that runs towards us covered with filth, we wish to hold, carry and embrace the child but instinctively, we seek first that the child be cleansed before we do so. This is the way the Lord feels towards us while in filth. To be properly positioned in the scheme of God, we need therefore to be holy as He whom we seek to relate with is holy. Let’s abstain completely from filth. Ironically, most times when we want to dabble into filth we know yet we care less like Esau. Or don’t we? The earlier we heed the voice of God, the better.


Father, if there be any filth on me debarring me from your embrace and use, do please wash off today; and do help me to abstain from filth for the rest of my life in Jesus name.

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