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Honest Provisions

Focus: 2 Corinthians 8:21 - KJV

21. Providing for honest things, not only in the sight of the Lord, but also in the sight of men.

Romans 12:9-21

There are things men do towards pleasing God but in the sight of observers, they draw attention as evil deeds. For instance, a person may decide to contribute so much towards a crusade or other work of the ministry, but all around him are people living in squalor who can be assisted if part of the sums he has billed for the mission work is ascribed to fixing their need. If the person fails to take care of the necessary needs, men will not view him as a good person and therefore his seeming contribution to mission’s work may end up not being pleasing to God in the circumstance.

The will of God is that we be pleasing not only unto Himself but also unto men. Hence, in making honest provisions, we are expected to provide for our neighbors, not only materially, but also emotionally such that we condescend to men of low estate, refuse to pay evil for evil, and let our good deeds cancel out whatever evil anyone may purpose towards us. Point is, we are expected to live in communion with our neighbors, particularly those of the household of faith, ensuring we cover each other’s nakedness. The provisions are however not honest if they are made with some uncanny motive. God expects that we do it all for love. Therefore, it is only those things that are good we are to dwell upon.

At times you feel you are out to please God and end up displeasing Him by displeasing your fellow men. Your position is best served only when you are pleasing to both. Yes, it is difficult to please men and we ought not to be men pleasers over God. Yet, when we do things in a godly fashion, we need to ensure it is not done to hurt men. Please don’t because of being a Christian make none Christians in your organization feel dehumanized by your actions. Don’t for instance, victimize a colleague because he or she fails to attend your Christian program or refuses to contribute to your project. That is only likely to portray Christians in bad light and God is not served by it.

SOLUTION: Learn to do all things as unto the Lord such that you do not hurt the people you are meant to win to Him. Pursue peace with all men as much as practicable. Never serve evil for evil. In fact, let nothing evil be mentioned about you in all of your doings.

Father, we want to be able to please you in all things. Help us not to hurt our neighbors in any of our doings in Jesus’ name. In our daily living, let us be kind to all without avenging ourselves in anyway in the name of Jesus. The grace to love and love indeed please release upon each of us today in Jesus’ name.

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