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Hope in The Lord

Key verse: Psalms 39:7

And now, Lord, what wait I for? my hope is in thee.

Matthew 11:2-6

Life can be very gruesome at times. No matter how hard we try, the enemy is always scheming to ensure our hurt particularly when you belong on the side of God. At times, it is that we put ourselves by our choices in the grasp of the enemy. At other times, he uses those under his control but in human physical authority to want to torment us to submission. The only offense of James that got him killed was preaching in the name of Jesus that was crucified. Peter too. Whenever we are so buffeted, we fulfill that which the Lord had said concerning us. No matter how tough the situation is however, the Lord has the power to ransom us from the grip of the enemy. We must however hope in Him and keep our hope alive.

After the death of James, the Church put their hope in the Lord and prayed for the release of Peter who was also arrested and he was so miraculously delivered. You also shall be delivered today in Jesus name. But it was not so for John the Baptist. After having been incarcerated and was unreleased despite operating in righteousness, he became offended that his cousin whom the Lord had identified to him as the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world did not do anything to get him out of prison. It was at the time within the power of Christ to pronounce his release. But rather than hope in the Lord, John sent a message to Him in annoyance, thereby offending Him. The offensive questions he raised, he got answers to. He however did not get released. He got his head presented on a platter on the request of an adulterous witch instead.

What the Lord requires of us is to hope in Him and not to question His potency. There is no situation we are in that passes the power of our God. If only we will hope in Him for salvation, then shall we be saved. All the years of David in the wilderness, he never questioned the power of God who already caused him to be anointed king. To some others, what manner of anointing sends from the palace to the cave? Your temperance will be tested. Hold on to God and hope in Him yet. He will come through for you. That situation will no longer linger in Jesus name. Just hope in the Lord. He is faithful.

Pray: O Lord, I have no other God but you. I rely absolutely on you to rescue me from this uncanny situation. Please come through for me today and delay no further in Jesus name.

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