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Iniquity begets destruction

Memorize: Proverbs 10:29

The way of the LORD is strength to the upright: but destruction shall be to the workers of iniquity.

Read: Acts 5:1-10

It is a great thing to become born again. When one becomes born again, by all spiritual connotations, old things pass away and all things become new. The real import of that is the sin of Adam and its resultant effect on mankind which is depicted with a life of bondage under the yoke of Satan, has been cancelled to the full knowledge and acknowledgement of the person concerned; the effect of which is that such a person is a new being operating as if he/she has just been created without any link to an Adam or his sin and the consequences.

So, if Adam had not sinned, there would not have been consequences. Your being born again therefore, is to afford you the right to live now how you would have assuming you were the first Adam, without sin. You are therefore expected to lead an upright life by following the way the Lord has laid down for you. It is however, not for you a license to do worse than the first Adam. Your going on to sin through your iniquities despite being born again is to tow the way of the first Adam despite your being ransomed from his ways. His ways led to only one consequence – death, which in other words is destruction. Your deciding to reinvent the wheel of that sown by the first Adam is to also chose the path of destruction.

Of course, the difference is, although the first Adam sinned, he never was said to have repented or ask for the forgiveness of his sin, you now have a better understanding having been taught that God will show mercy if He desires, when you return to Him in remorse asking for forgiveness. But why create for yourself a situation that can lead to destruction? Why not stick to the Lord’s way and derive strength from Him to do exploits and shine as light? The Lord has delivered to you a more than golden opportunity to live above sin and iniquity. What that does to you, if you accept it, is to give you power over the earth and everything in it including the devil, demons and all operators of darkness. The pressures of life you are experiencing are fallout of the activities of darkness over which you can assert authority. But to so assert, you must follow the Lord’s way. Start today and the result will dumbfound you.

Pray: Father, help me to live by your way that I may fully optimize my authority over the enemy in this life in the name of Jesus Christ.

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