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Keep your mouth

Key verse: Proverbs 21:23

Whoso keepeth his mouth and his tongue keepeth his soul from troubles.

Read: James 3:1-9.

In a slangish manner, the youth have a way of saying keep your mouth shut. They say, “zip up”. It is important to learn to zip up as it is critical for the rest of the soul. The soul of man is the intangible spiritual element in him that is his person. The soul warehouses the thoughts and spiritual well-being of man. When the mouth processes the thought from the soul it turns it into words. It is only when thoughts become words that it ensnares in that other parties are privy to the state of the soul. A thought not expressed in words seldom ensnares. Words not spoken cannot be quoted. Many people have ensnared their souls through the things they say. Often, the things they say, wanting to take some glory therefrom, sparks rebellion in the heart of the hearer.

It is ego that makes a man want to speak and say things for people to hear and most of the times in unnecessary circumstances. Who would have assumed that a report of the death of the enemy that sought David’s death, who also while alive prevented him from attaining the throne, could cause the death of the reporter? Too many words have the tendency to ensnare. It is wise to zip up. Let them find it out themselves. Stop being the parrot that says all things. Some people are not comfortable to have you around them believing that whatever you observe of them you will say in one way or the other. Every word that is not necessary should not be spoken.

Therefore, before you utter that which you intend to, first pause to consider what the necessity of speaking at the time is. If, without you saying what you intend to say, a great havoc may occur, then say. If, however, your saying it or not affects nothing, please zip up. It is better not to speak than to do so and be quoted. At times, what you mean is not what is expressed when you are being quoted. You will need to spend time correcting and reasserting before you are believed. You can save yourself such agony if only you know how and when to zip up. It is only those who do that keep their souls from trouble. Please zip up.


Father, help me to bridle my tongue always that I may not be ensnared for using it in Jesus name.

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Jonathan Stephen
Jonathan Stephen
20 apr 2021

Help me to bridle my tongue Lord 🤲

Mi piace
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