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Living By The Christ (1)

Focus: John 6:57 - KJV

57. As the living Father hath sent me, and I live by the Father: so he that eateth me, even he shall live by me.

John 8:25-29

God is not a man but He is a person. He gave us Jesus by Spiritual conception and therefore, while Jesus was on the earth, there was some affinity between Him and God. Hence, He referred to Him as His father even as God affirmed and testified more than once that He (Jesus) is His beloved Son. For the said affinity, there was constant communion between Christ and the father to the effect that Christ did nothing except those things that the father told Him to do, or the things He saw the father do. In fact, He said Himself that He did no work except that which He saw the father complete. Hence, Jesus lived on earth, by the father. But we, as full human, are not able to see the father whilst we are flesh and blood like He did and testified of. Nevertheless, since we see Him, at least by His words, we are in communion with Him to the effect that we can do those things He did and those things He commanded. So, if Christ lived by the father by doing what the father said and what He saw the father do, we that do have communion with Him can also live by Him, by ensuring our deeds are His or His dictates, at the least. This is why it becomes an aberration for someone who professes Christ to do those things that Christ did not, or directs not. Christ lived by the Father and excelled on earth. If we live by Christ our example, since He lived by the father, then are we also living by the father and will surely excel like He did.

Dear friend, whom are you living your life by? Your excellence lies in living your life by Christ. Living otherwise is an invitation to the opposite. Christ is the way, the truth and the life. When we follow His way, whatever is not true we will abhor and by that, we will have eternal life. Please stop emulating anything that is not Christ-like. Since God is Love and Christ lived by Him, then Christ is our epitome of love. Whatever is not loving is not Christ-like. Don’t do it. Like father like son. Christ lived by God as His Son and therefore He was like God. His purpose in reconciling us to the father is to make us sons. If we will not have ourselves referred to as bastards, then we ought to live by the Father through Christ’s example and be reckoned to be like Him.

SOLUTION: Make for yourself a motto: If Christ won’t do it, then I won’t either. Be deliberate about living by that creed and you will have your life gauged by it, not to deviate from the way of Christ.

Our Father and our God, thank you for appointing us as your sons. Please accept our thanks in Jesus’ name. Help us therefore to live by you through Christ in Jesus’ name. Whatever we will do, that will make us emulate another ‘father’, please do not let us do it in Jesus’ name. Please put our feet in your path never to depart therefrom till we reunite with you in glory by Christ Jesus in Jesus’ name.

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