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Lord of the Living and the Dead

Focus: Romans 14:9 - KJV

9. For to this end Christ both died, and rose, and revived, that he might be Lord both of the dead and living.

Romans 14:7-12

More often than not, men judge the acts of one another. In their judgment, they tend to assume that some had died because of evil deeds. In so doing, they assume they that are alive and well are more righteous. Job’s friends spared not Job in their talks taunting him as if he was an evil doer and with the belief that the evil that came on Him came from the Lord and that he was suffering for his evil deeds. Yet they were wrong and Job needed to pray for them in the end. Because man is not able to appreciate the totality of an occurrence, it is better to leave judgment to the one who knows all things. Bear in mind that no one will narrate an occurrence and say things that will indict himself directly. For this reason, there is the tendency to judge in wickedness if we do not hear the other side. Even when we do, there are some who are direct descendants of the devil and therefore have perfected the art of lying. If we judge wrongly, we will only be hurting the righteous in our wrong judgment.

The beauty of life now is that God gave us Jesus that He might be Lord both of the dead and the living so that He can judge both the living and the dead righteously. Condemning the dead is more heinous than condemning the living. The living has the ability to say things in his own defense but who will speak for the dead? Hence, Christ, who is able to relate with the living and the dead knows how best to judge every matter. And since it is appointed unto man once to die, we shall all some day also die if the rapture does not happen while we are alive. And when we do die, we shall all give an account of the life we live here. So, let us judge no one so that we may not be judged.

SOLUTION: Abstain from judgmental stance. Never judge anyone no matter what you have heard concerning any man, as you do not have the full story. Let God be the judge of all.

The Lord shall preserve us all that we may live our full lives on earth and fulfil destiny in Jesus name. In every way we may have offended in our judgmental stance, may God forgive us in the name of Jesus. The grace to stand for God and not to usurp His seat in judgment, may the Lord grant each of us in Jesus name. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

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