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Love Begets Mercy

Focus: Psalms 119:132 - KJV

132. Look thou upon me, and be merciful unto me, as thou usest to do unto those that love thy name.

Psalms 25:4-16

Loving God is depicted by fearing Him and obeying His commands. To whom much is given, much is desired. If the Lord has invested so much in us, He expects the reward on such investment in our dealings with Him. If two people are caught in the same act, but the one knew God frowns at such act but the other didn’t, the one who knew not, if he genuinely repents will obtain mercy whereas the one who knew but assumes it is no big deal and tries to sweep it away on some lousy offering finds not mercy. Eli was a Levite trained in the way of worshipping God. When he was found wanting through the acts of his children, his love for God was questionable as he could not call his misbehaving children to order and therefore, he was rejected. But Samuel was no Levite albeit brought up by one. When his children were caught in similar acts like Eli’s sons, he did not get a similar treatment like Eli. Saul and David’s positions can also be juxtaposed along these lines. Saul got condemned for his constant dishonor of God’s commands while David got mercy when he dishonored God’s law in the case of Bathsheba and Urriah. Point here is, when we do love God, we obey His commands as a norm, and God recognizes it. So, when we fall into error by some accident of fate, God knows and is quick to ransom us.

Beloved, let your love for God become decipherable to Him through the way you treat His commands. We cannot claim to love Him and not fear Him enough to obey His commands. When we proclaim His love but move against His commands regularly, we present a picture to the world of God not being faithful to His promises to those who love Him, which situation is untrue. In such a situation, we end up glaringly not loving Him as we make a lie about His being. If we will be truthful in our love to Him, He is faithful and just to show us mercy in time of error.

SOLUTION: Pitch your tent where you belong. If for God, love Him by obeying His commandments. Let your heart of love meet with your fear of Him in all that you do.

Father, we love you and know you first love us. Please let our mutual love bring us mercy at all times in Jesus’ name. For everyone of us, Lord, please let your mercy prevail over judgment in Jesus’ name. We know that if you mark our sins, none of us can stand, but by your mercy, we will be accepted. Please be merciful always in Jesus’ name. And this very day, please let your mercy move us out of obscurity to limelight in Jesus’ mighty name.

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