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Our Hiding Place

Key verse: Psalms 32:7

Thou art my hiding place; thou shalt preserve me from trouble; thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance. Selah.

2 Kings 6:13-20

The One who is the Great I am is large enough to take in anyone that so wills under His cover for safety. The trouble upon the earth is so much that only those preserved by the Lord can be guaranteed of safety and therefore survival. Life is full of troubles but it is those kept by the Lord that end up victorious. Many have died prematurely. Many destinies have been truncated out of panic and carelessness. Yet the Lord is fully aware of our troubles and beckoning on us to come to Him who has the capacity to keep us safe till we fulfill our earthly destinies. Unfortunately, because the enemy plays discordant tunes to our hearings, we tend to dance more to his tunes than hearken to the call and beckoning of our dear Lord.

Agrippa was a ruler in the days of Apostle Paul. God presented to him an opportunity to be born again by making him hear the words of salvation from the mouth of Paul like the Lord had foretold concerning Paul. But the response of Agrippa was interesting: he almost also got converted to becoming a Christian by the preaching of Paul. There are many in the category of Agrippa today. The Lord is beckoning on them through the preaching and teachings of His emissaries. Rather than yield to the voice of the Lord convicting their hearts, they will rather obey the other voice that says: “what will people say?” or “why should I change my religion?” or “I also was born into Christianity”. Meanwhile, by refusing to yield like Agrippa, they are simply denying the Christ and rejecting His cover. The prison guards that watched Paul and Silas were going to destroy themselves but when they found the solid protection and cover that Paul and Silas enjoyed from oppression, they bowed to their God and by implication came into the same hiding place.

Time is short my beloved. The enemy is in a hurry to do his enterprise knowing that the Lord may get you to His side at any time and make him fail over you. That, he does not want to occur. The ball is however in your court whether you will run for cover in the sure hiding place or remain outside, exposed to the unending attacks from the enemy. The Lord’s invitation is forever new and fresh until He comes for the elect. Take the opportunity now!

Pray: Father, please hide me under your shadow perpetually that I may be far from the reach of the enemy in the name of Jesus Christ.

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