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Peace for the upright

Key verse: Psalms 37:37

Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace.

Job 42:12-17

Life is ordinarily brutish and short. Not as God purposed it but as it turned out in the hands of man. It is difficult to find a perfect one on the face of the earth. Everyone strives at what he considers best to do. Even in the scripture, not many can be adjudged perfect. Despite the hardship the enemy brings the ways of men, they refuse to focus on the solution. According to the word of God, the life of man is full of trouble. The solution to the trouble is to be upright by living in accordance with the dictate of God. When that happens, even if tribulation comes, there is an assurance of victory in the end.

Job is our case study. He was certified perfect by the Lord Himself. Unfortunately, tribulation came his way. Though he be a perfect man, he lost everything he had acquired and worked for; lost all the fruit that came out of his body; and suffered disease in his body to the extent of becoming like a destitute. Nevertheless, because he refused to change his posture from perfection and uprightness, the solution came through for him such that his latter end was better by far than his beginning and he had fresh belongings which he enjoyed for many years coupled with having peace for the rest of his life. Such is the ending of the perfect man as guaranteed by God.

We can also start to experience peace in our respective lives if we start to live uprightly and strive towards attaining the stature of Christ in perfection. Let’s stop to think before we take our steps in action. Don’t do anything that will pitch you against God; don’t covet anything that belongs to your neighbor; don’t deliberately cause your neighbor to be hurt; lean always on the dictates of the Word of God. By doing these things, we are accounted to be upright and heaven enrolls us for peace in life. Are you willing to be enrolled? The time to start is now. It doesn’t matter how filthy the past has been: once we are poised to depart from such riotous living like we had in the past, the Lord is willing to embrace us and enroll us into the life of peace which He offers. Take the benefit of it today and you will never regret doing so.


Father, I want to be like you in all my ways. Please help me to forsake unrighteousness completely that I may live uprightly going forward by the help of your Spirit in Jesus name.

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