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Perilous Times are here

Text: John 8:12

Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

Bible Reading:

Isaiah 60:1-3


The world is witnessing today a great surge of darkness all over because as predicted by the Lord, perilous times are here. Evidence abound everywhere of the activities of darkness such that even the creature is cringing under the yoke thereof. The failure of man is becoming much more glaring and there appears to be a return to the events of the days of Noah as predicted in scriptures. The good news is that Jesus remains our illuminating figure. He is forever the Light and He keeps shining in darkness with darkness being unable to overcome Him. For us to excel in this season of peril world over, we must heed His counsel. For every sensible individual, when there is darkness, there is need for a form of light (lamp. torch etc.) to make progress. Since Christ never goes dim, if you place Him ahead of you, then you need not fear darkness. Are you a follower of Christ? Then arise for it is your time to shine. When there is darkness and one person appear to bear the source of light, others come to that source for better vision. Because you are a follower of Christ, in these times, people are bound to come to your light for you to give them direction. This is so because your shining will marvel the world and they will also seek some benefit. What better thing do you seek than to be a leader that helps people out of crisis? Arise therefore and follow Christ henceforth. The darkness is yet going darker still and there will be gross darkness. God offers you leadership to take people out of their desperation. Take the advantage. Let your light so shine. You have the potential for the light of life. Follow Christ henceforth.

Prayer Guide:

Lord Jesus, I am resolved to follow you through and through. Help me to shine for all to see and make me a blessing to many others in your Holy name.

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