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Prove All Things

Focus: 1 Thessalonians 5:21 - KJV

21. Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

1 Kings 3:16-28

Making decisions may appear simple but often times, decisions made in error hurts the neighbor. In an instant where a wicked person tells a lie to a person in authority and position to make a decision that can affect the life and wellbeing of another person, if the one in authority is not careful and he makes a decision based on the lie, the victim is not just disappointed in the liar but also in the one in authority. That which is good is something done in love. It is not loving at all to listen to and act on the position of a talebearer. Indeed, the testimony of two or three witnesses as prescribed by Moses can lead to evil and therefore should not be considered adequate proof. Look at the way Naboth died at the testimonies of suborned witnesses raised by the wicked Jezebel. To prove all things, it is important to allow the one accused to cross examine his accusers and perhaps thereby the truth would come to fore. The wisdom of Solomon in determining the owner of the living child between two contesting women is a masterpiece. If the wicked woman had succeeded in having the second child killed, what would have been the mind of the innocent woman about the wicked woman and even the king in his assuming killing the child was the right option. The decision to give the child to the innocent woman even if wrong had saved a tragedy – the killing of the child. This is love to the child which dovetails into love to the mother which is the good to do.

When the wicked finds an avenue to hide under another to fulfil his enterprise, many people are hurt thereby. The mind of God is that we prove all things so that we don’t offend the innocent by making wrong judgments albeit inadvertently. Point is, the wicked may thrive because of your error, but God will avenge His anointed. His instruction to touch not the anointed and do him no harm is valid for all times. It is therefore better to do only that which is good than to go into an error of judgment that hurts the innocent.

SOLUTION: If for any reason you are not certain of a situation, be careful and take no side until you prove the matter fully. The combination of the cross examination by the “accused” and the testimony of valid witnesses will be of assistance in your proving all things.

Father, please forgive us of every wrong judgment we have made to hurt our neighbors in Jesus’ name. From now on, the grace to prove all things and do that which is good, we receive from you in the name of Jesus. And wherever we have been hurting due to wrong judgments made against us, do give us comfort in Jesus’ name.

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