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Pure Hearted?

Focus: Matthew 5:8 - KJV

8. Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

Psalms 24:3-5

Yesterday we saw the process through which a heart is made pure. Today, the Lord is leading us to understand that when we are of pure heart, there are great benefits that flow from it. The first major benefit is that the Lord Himself gives attention to the pure hearted. Whether the one knows it or not, blessings flow from the throne of God unto him. Aside this, no one sees God and live but there is a guarantee for the pure in heart to see God. Yes, it is good to assume that seeing God refers to occurrence after life, but he shall see God in this life. God is Spirit, even though He takes different forms to appear to those He gives the privilege to see Him unto.

The purity of the heart of Moses who was said to be the meekest of men, made the Lord to appear to him severally. In one of his encounters, his face shone like the sun having seen the Light, Himself. Abraham had a pure heart, to the extent that he stood in the gap for the nation of Sodom. The Lord appeared to him in the form of three men. He did not say, since he was spared from the impending calamity, whatever happened to Sodom was not his business – pure heart. The walk of Enoch with the Lord was possible because of his pure heart. The Holy Spirit took Philip from a crusade to another destination just because he had a pure heart. He was surrendered in his heart unto obedience and yielded to God in all his being, hence God became his transporter.

We also can start experiencing the benefits of a pure heart if we will let our hearts be pure indeed. Purity in heart makes our spirit-beings so light that we can easily ascend the hill of the Lord and appear automatically in His presence every time we pray. This suggests that our prayers are not delayed like it happens to other men who lack access. This status cannot be attained if we operate in vices such as malice, secret sins, evil thoughts, backstabbing, bearing false witness and so on. God is not glorified in any of these and therefore abhors them. If we submit fully unto Him, our hearts can still be refined and made ever pure.

SOLUTION: Be deliberate about what you allow into your heart as from it comes the issues of life. Even when the refiner’s fire has worked on your heart to purify it, never allow the enemy to sow negative things into it again. This you can avoid, if you will dwell on the word of God more often.

Pray in this manner, please: Heavenly father I love to see you. Whatever you need to do to make my heart so pure without me being overwhelmed, please do in the name of Jesus. Let my prayers be said always in your presence by reason of the purity of my heart dear Lord, in Jesus’ name. From this day, let me begin to enjoy the benefit that flows from knowing and seeing you in Jesus’ name.

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